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Australia's leader has unveiled crucial details of a planned referendum which could see it change its constitution for the first time in almost 50 years.

If passed, a referendum later this year would create an official organisation called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice, which would allow Indigenous people to offer their opinions on laws.

It would be a "quite basic" yet "momentous" adjustment, according to PM Anthony Albanese.

Only eight of 44 constitutional referendums have been successful, making them fairly uncommon.

The Voice is the subject of heated discussion across the political spectrum, with both supporters and opponents.

The Uluru Declaration from the Heart, a significant do****ent from 2017, recommended The Voice.

Though not unanimously agreed upon, the declaration, which was drafted by more than 250 Indigenous leaders, is regarded as the best call to action for First Nations Australians.

Mr. Albanese revealed the suggested phrasing for the question that Australians will be required to vote on on Thursday.

An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice would be established as part of a proposed proposal to amend the constitution to recognise Australia's Indigenous Peoples. 

Australians "share this vast island continent with the world's longest continuous culture," Mr. Albanese said in an emotional speech, adding the Voice will "enshrine acknowledgement" of that fact.

"This should be noted on our birth certificate as a nation and we should be proud of it".