Here are the English translations of the du'as:

"O Allah, verily we praise You for Your blessings that cannot be counted or grasped. O Allah, help us to always remember and be grateful to You."

"O Allah, make him/her among the patient ones in obeying Your commands, and keep him/her away from sins by Your mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful."

"O Allah, make him/her among those grateful for Your blessings, and make him/her among Your righteous servants who persist in obeying You until they meet You."

I hope these translations are helpful for our non-Arabic speaking brothers and sisters. The essence of the du'as is to praise Allah for His blessings, seek patience and obedience for one's child, and pray that they become among those grateful to Allah and persist in worship throughout their life until they meet Him.

May Allah bless our children with righteousness and guide them to His pleasure.