Inflation in Pakistan

Inflation last month surged to 31.5 percent, its highest level since 1974, according to the latest figures released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on March 1.

The news sent the rupee tumbling the following day, with the currency losing more than 6 percent of its value agains

Faisal Riaz

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Hayat sdzye 38 w

Inflation can be easily tackled in pakistan but helping out the public is not in the 'agenda' of the agriculture department ;)

Awalludin Ramlee 39 w

In order to tackle inflation in Pakistan, the government and financial experts will need to focus on large-scale economic reforms and government policies to reduce food prices and increase revenue from taxes. Additionally, policymakers must boost exports by providing support to domestic businesses, and move away from energy-intensive industries. Strengthening fiscal discipline and improving public-sector management will also reduce the fiscal deficit, which leads to inflation. Finally, increasing investment in infrastructure, job creation, and increasing access to financial services will all help to tackle inflation in the country.

Amjad Ali 39 w

Lot of factors involved in inflation like uncertainty in political stability and energy crisis. International economy also suffering too .

Seema Khan 39 w

inflation in pakistan is very high