Will bitcoin cross 25K in February.

Predictions on base of historical accuracy and current analysis made possible to know the situation of Crypto market.

Bitcoin is trend setter and dominant player of Crypto verse which always leads from front and other's follow it. It is proven proverb that Rise of BTC means rise of whole market in Crypto. 

Lot of predictions by experts, sites and analysis showing that BTC will keep in maintain uprise trend in February and lot of possibilities there to cross the 25K.

Currently at the time of writing BTC trading on $23286 in market with +1.78%. 

The bitcoin technical support and analysis says that Bitcoin will be in same line of 24K by end of February and Artificial intelligence algorithm Al also predicting the same result. 

A healthy survey by Coinmarketcap where more then 15K votes casted already and average price expectations are less then current price due to valentine and US - china conflict.

But strong buy indicators showing that BTC can cross the $25K limit by end of February as bulk buying by whales going on and latest transfer of BTC ( 657) from a account to Binance account showing heavy movement. It gives another indication that the price of BTC will go further stronger and more then the Al analysis.We all know that BTC is only Crypto currency which has 76% historical accuracy record and no other coin even near to this figure . This track record giving a strong believe that above predictions are trustworthy. 


Let's see on 28th of February where we will be at after two days. 





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Already crossed but now down

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Bitcoins is a trade setter currency.it will achieve many milestone in future