Bitcoin Cash is always Outstanding.

BCH is most convenient crypto currency with faster and cheaper transactions.

The millions of users experiencing fast , cheaper and easier crypto transactions every day with Bitcoin Cash. This thing making it first pick , hot choice and recommendable. Any user came from any other crypto chain to BCH ecosystem, remained surprised by its features and feels like a recovered patient.

No doubt each one looking at speed of the transaction ( time consuming for confirmation) but transaction fee also a big factor which made user more panic. BCH has great edge in this area as well

I was on scroll in social media and shocked by this news where a transaction costs around 19 BTC ( $500,000) to a user . It is an authentic transaction in which it costs huge amount in transaction fee. 

When I dugout for transaction it gives me another shock because in tweet I guess it is not possible to pay such high fee but transaction hashtag confirmed it .

That's why I called Bitcoin Cash a blessing because BCH saving our huge money which other's are loosing in fee.

Then another thing which you may experience too is swapping on BCH chain then ERC20. I am working on publish0x as well which paying in AMPL & SPOT. I swapped today my some coins worth of $22 which costs $3.48 as swapping fee in ETH. It is big amount for users like me who travelled under $100 Mark mostly.

Definitely BTC has dominance and value as an strong asset in crypto but in terms of transaction speed and transaction fee I am with Bitcoin Cash because it saving my money just like XRGE.


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Amjad Ali

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