Bitcoin halving event- Is it best opportunity to get profit.

Halving is feature in fixed supply Coins like BTC which made sure the balance in assuence and supply.

Halving is a process in most of Crypto currencies which mostly took place once after every four year time. In the line of code ( hard coded fork) split the blocks into minors and establish new coins as Bitcoin cash ( BCH) get born from BTC in 2016 halving session.

Other currency like bitcoin cash , Dash also has this feature in their blocks. Most of high valued investors always favour the Bitcoin as it has most strong network and ethantic action.

If we look at previous three seasons of Bitcoin halving which took place in 2012 , 2016 and 2020. We can easily see high number of transactions, investment and long bull run exactly after the halving. 


Upcoming halving of Bitcoin.

Approximately by middle of April,2024 the next halving of Bitcoin will took place. The effect of this halving will be on mining where minors will get reduced share of 3.1 BTC / block which currently has 6.2 BTC/ block.

Halving mostly reduce the supply which caused inflation in BTC price and demand went to Moon. The last all seasons of halving 12,16 and 20 proved historical success where investors got huge profits and it remain long bull run for months.

Again after almost a year another opportunity coming and the count down has begun already. Hawks eyes are on event and the preparations going on. Current pump of last week also a chain of whales to draw back and hit back to buy at minimum prices. 

Wise people advising that if you have BTC in your custody, zip it up till halving to be next millionaire.

Amjad Ali

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