Possible Role of XRGE for Overseas.

Crypto has all the potential to replace fiat economy system and can play a vital role in remittances for overseas workers.

Overseas workers are those who working abroad ( outside from native country) and sending remittance to their families. These workers especially of poor countries helping their families in daily survival and to Thier country's economy by sending foreign reserves to assist the federal reserves.

USD is world currency of trade as most of countries pegged the trade with it. Overseas workers are big source of getting the USD which are essential for payments of international shipmates. So no one can deny the role of these workers in stability of economic situation.

We ( as overseas workers) are sending our earnings back to home through three channels.

  • Sending amount direct to our bank accounts from where our beloved ones withdraw it.


  • Sending Amount through branchless banking channel like easy-paisa, Jazzcash and others.


  • Sending amount on CNIC number and CNIC holder goes to the office of exchange like western union to withdraw it.


Now if we check three methods, the problems we are facing are ,


  • Our routine banking system has Saturday and Sunday off while most of countries in middle east like KSA, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait has Friday off. So if I send any amount in this channel on Thursday, it is only possible to receive it on monday. So it will be three days late reach.


  • Sending amount in branchless banking costing high fee which is around 2% on withdrawal. If I send 100K PKR ( $450) through this channel, the 2000 PKR ($9) have to pay as fee of withdrawal.


  • Sending amount on CNIC is also bounded with weekend holidays and also long time consuming due to qué. And everyone knows qué moves only in developed countries. In our countries Poors remain in lines and elite get access by influence and bribery.


XRGE can play role in remittances.

As I stated above three channels of remittance and the problems we are facing , The only solution I am looking is CRYPTO. If we convert out attention from normal banking system to Crypto payments for remittance it will solve our all the problems.

  • Crypto didn't require any time table for sending and receiving and also no weekend or other holidays will delay our payments.
  • Crypto has no charges on recieving and some Blockchain like Rougeecoin ( XRGE) has transfer fee in cents only which we can say free remittance. We will save more in time and native currency.
  • Crypto save us from hectic standing in queue and waiting for our turn to get our own money.
  • Crypto will give us freedom of amount what ever we want to send which has some restrictions in fiat currency.
  • We will able to avoid the rude behaviour of stupas of routine banking sector.
  • We will be safe grom duplicate / fake currency notes which is common in our country.

Amjad Ali

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